The Light

I sought a dark light
I hoped it would turn deep green
As I laid my eyes on it still
Maybe shades of welcoming forest

It was a long stare
My eyes had weakened
And my shoulders started to shiver
I knew that it was a long battle, that I hoped would end soon

So one day on my walk, I picked up a pebble
I hoped in humor that it would have a writing on the back
Instead I found a small insect
Dead and crushed while it was underneath the pebble

Was the insect the writing I sought?
I looked at the ground
With the other members of the insect
Kept walking around

One of them then started
To climb up my leg and then onto my arm
I said “Shoo you fool you aren’t allowed to walk on me”
And frustratingly scolded the small willed being

The live one finally landed on the pebble
Then put the crushed body on his own back
Jumped onto the ground
And disappeared into the nature

I felt a sense of shame for scolding the insect
When all it was trying to do
Was to reach it’s fellow member
And honor his passing

I did not find a writing on the back of the pebble but I found this
That before I become upset, I should always consider this
A little patience in time of frustration
Can mean the world of support, to another fellow living soul that is moving in its hopeful determination