Part of love is…

Part of love is knowing that it’s not about finding faults.


Moments I Can’t Ignore

Swaying with glazing eyes

Moments I cannot forget

The numbing grays in my mind

Come forth in a nocturne of sound

And time


How I cherished to be here a while ago

To be so unconditionally grateful in the unknowns

I can’t seem to recall in the now

Or the way it came naturally, the how’s


Stomping beats dance in my heart

Those that threw the darts, at me

Now lay still under the trees

They’re staring at the sky, with ease


It’s not the who or the what that was won

Or the comparisons or the why of the intrusions

There shouldn’t be any disconnect

It should be shared, like paired kits, to knit


I forever will remember this place

Just like the old phases

I forever will stand here

Just like I was bound and born to be adhered


Memories, I can’t forget

Moments, I mustn’t erase

Moments I can’t ignore

But here, I feel content

Here, I still belong