We, The Riders of The Wind

We are riders of the wind

Creating so many losses through the passing of time

Only to be shattered into shivering pieces

Waiting for the moment that gives us reasons to be revived for

In wounds carved, we speak

In songs forgotten, we shine

But in the languages of “us”

We find the beliefs again where we say

This is the reason why we live

Why we fight

Why we keep trying

To be known not for our fame or wealth

But for our stories

Of having lived so human


“Open Your Heart”

“To trust you must open your heart. To open your heart you must doubt your fears. To doubt your fears you must believe in yourself. And so, trust yourself, so that you may trust the world, the friends you will gain in it, and all the other wonderful experiences and emotions that will come with it.”

S.O. 1/21/15