Competition vs. Happiness

“Competition only has a place for the winners. True happiness, will have a place for everyone, and even more, will only come to be acknowledged as true happiness under the circumstances that it includes everyone.”

S.O. August 23rd, 2014



“That moment we awaken, does not come by our accumulation of thoughts to become better or come to a realization. It is not measured by the amount of good thoughts times the days, then one day become accumulated enough that it reaches and passes a limit that it awakens us. It is more like a raw energy that drives us to make that decision to turn on that switch completely and fully on, whereas it used to be off. It is like the splashing of cold water on our face during the winters, or the relief of inspirations to come like the hot bath after a long day, during the summer.”

S.O. August 20th, 2014

Golden Modern

Golden Modern

AFTERSHOCK black cardigan
$160 –

Green top
$37 –

Finders Keepers long skirt

Enzo angiolini shoes

Brown handbag


Swarovski crystal jewelry

Henri Bendel bracelet

Olia gold necklace
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