Mistakes, The Stakes

You can’t walk forward back into the past

Cause you’ve only got one road and it’s one way

You can’t find the next street taking you back in a U-turn

There just aren’t any

Constructions weren’t planned


I see the dark mist in front of me

Swallowing my face into the night

And making me scream

“I want the glory dust of my past”


But you can’t go back

Back into the past

Cause that’s like reenacting

But you know that even if you still did the same

It’s called the future, right?


I see the past mistakes that I’ve made

And me wanting to grab it by the hand

Chisel it down to a sculpture

Maybe make it look nice


But we already know

There isn’t anymore to do

What is done is done

No taking it back

Or returning just because we kept the receipt


The future is brighter than I think

Cause once that dewy mist is gone

It’s probably bluer than my sadness

Stronger than my ego


So I’ll give a toast to the rain

Make it shower

Shower on me