A Princess And A Prince

Long long ago

There lived a princess


The princess thought of a star

And she made it out of paper

And sent it up to the sky



It gleamed


One day a man came

From the rivalry town next to hers


He shot the paper star

From below

With a firey arrow


The princess cried and cried and cried


Then a month passed

It was starless in the sky


On the 32nd day

A prince came


The prince said

“I have your star, my princess”


The princess got angry

Because she knew the star had been burnt down


She said

“How horrible of you to give me hope that does not exist”


Then the prince took out a dark grayish thing

Out of his pocket

It was in the shape of  a star


The princess asked

“What is that gray thing?

It doesn’t shine like beautiful white light”


Then the prince answered

“For it is the ashes of your paper star

Molded into a clay then a star

It shines like a white light

Like no one ever notices

It is bright as it is gray

It is beautiful as its clay smell”


Then the prince handed the star to the princess softly

And said his farewell


The princess decided to clear up her doll house

Filled with extravagant clothes for her toys

Even the chairs the bed and the tea cups

She put the big muddy looking gray star

Right in the middle of the house


She prayed that night before going to bed

That she hopes she can come up with something

As wonderful as the star

One day, for the prince

And make a dream of his come true


Because his magic made her see

A beautiful white light

In a gray muddy thing


And now the princess could see

That the muddy star is even better

Than a paper star up above shining


Because she could reach to it

Touch the grayish clay

And smell the muddiness

So now she could remember

Just how beautiful what the prince had done for her was

“Love when it h…

“Love when it hurts, caress when you can’t move. But know when you can’t reach anymore, the nature in between our made up worlds cushions our back like the mother it is. And all we do is realize, that there is something greater than our struggles, that teaches us to be ourselves and love just the way we are.”

Shakunetsu, Nov. 22nd 2012

(Happy Thanksgiving)