I Will See

As I weep “it” seeps out

My soul, my cry, my countless courages
And infinitely greater sensation of disgraces
As I feel “it” screams out
My nights, my days, my shining mornings
And infinitely ever more silent moments in between
The far reaching forests that I have once seen
They were burnt down in tragedy
Remedy, they taught me
But I could only see what could have been
Then as I shed my tears like a water drunk in abundance
They were there to comfort me
You will see, they corrected me
But I could only feel the long lost precious chances
All I can do now is to wonder
My laughter, sighs, endless gazes
And infinitely louder waves of truths
All I will do is pray
My soul, lusts, never resting doubts
And infinitely soothing melodies
Here to stay
With me

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