Being “Mental”

So here is the problem.

The fact that people use the word “mental” as a mean to judge others,

often to release their own stress, is becoming more and more prominent.

Why is it so wrong?

I’ll say it.


Because we’re humans. And humans go through sh*t. 

When that (sh*t) happens, we get “mental” sometimes.

Even if that leads to a so called “disabling” condition.


I am speaking out today, for my own rights.

It goes something like this.

‘Hi everyone. I am an artist, quote-r, musician, photographer, and a human being.

I have gone through that thing (sh*t), and I am what you CALL “mental”.’


Long long ago I was a princess (not at all exactly), but in 2005,

from not sleeping nor eating and at that time

(now proudly overweight, and dare I say proudly because

if I were to become healthy I must be -comfortable- with

myself first and foremost), which I’d like to express not sleeping

further as 1 or 2 hours everyday, nor eating, as less than

2 yogurt cups literally, for a month, I collapsed.

BAM! On the floor! (A little literally, at the city college I used to attend to).

Then my long battle began. 


This is just an introduction to my sense of “mental”,

where I will keep on writing from time to time in this blog,

along with my original queens and kings aka photography,

art and quotes, but I hope you get the idea.

(With the sense of humor I’m *attempting* here).


The short conclusion of the moment.


‘There ain’t no “mental”! We just humans!’

(Sorry, ma black side came out)

(-Though not sorry for black culture)

(–It’s a beautiful culture)

(—Wait, this is getting long, this “-” usage thing)



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